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Weddings packages start at $500

Wedding photography rates in New York city, the Bronx. Emin Kuliyev | New York wedding photographer


About Photographer 

Emin Kuliyev is an award-winning New York wedding photojournalist.
2008 — Photographer of the year in the AGWPJA.
2009 — Top 5 WPJA Photographer for 2009
2010 — ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter
2011 — Photographer of the year in the WPJA.
2012 — Top 10 Fearless Photographers of 2012
2012 — WPJA POY First Runner Up
2013 — American Photo Magazine — Top 10 Wedding Photographer of 2013
2013 — ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter
2014 — Photographer of the year in the WPJA.
2014 — Photographer of the year in the AGWPJA.

2016 — 31 Inspiring Wedding Photographers from Around the World by filtergrade

2017 —14th position overall in the ISPWP TOP 100 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE WORLD 2017  

2019 — Top 10 Fearless Photographers of 2019

2019 — 9 Top Wedding Photographers on Real Moments  

2019 — ISPWP Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the World 

2019 — Best Wedding Awards 10 | Inspiration Photographers

2020 — TOP 10 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS OF THE YEAR in Masters of Wedding Photography North America 2020  


I will be taking photos of the whole wedding; including get ready, reception, ceremony, focusing on Photojournalism.

Wedding Prices (can be customized to meet unique needs, so please send me an email to define prices.)


Basic package — 500$ 

- Up to 1 hour of photography by Emin Kuliyev (500$ for the first hour of shooting)  ------- (200$ for each additional hour) 

- Original Jpegs from the camera on the next day — you will get at least  50 images for each hour (via ZIP files on a link)

- Free Skype consultation

- Up to 2 hours of driving time included in the quote for the wedding day (4-hours roundtrip) (from my location — zip code 10462)


Additional services 

- 1000$ (Editing) (If I will shoot Up to 3 hours) --- Public Web Gallery approximately fifty (30) pictures chosen by the photographer (retouching and special effects including)

— 2000$ (Editing) (If I will shoot Up to 6 hours) --- Public Web Gallery approximately fifty (50) pictures chosen by the photographer (retouching and special effects including)    

— 3000$ (Editing) (If I will shoot Up to 12 hours) --- Public Web Gallery approximately fifty (100) pictures chosen by the photographer (retouching and special effects including)    

Examples here 

(for this Engagement session I spend 6 hours of shooting) 14 days of editing

(for this wedding I spend 12 hours of shooting)  25 days of editing

- Short video — (up to 2 min) 1000$ (average time of editing for the one video 10-15 days)

Video examples from engagement sessions

  Video examples from the big weddings  

  Video examples from the small weddings  


• Flush mount album

Terms: I require a non-refundable retainer fee of $ 1500 and signed an agreement to hold a date. Things to remember

Q: Do you have a list of references

A: Yes


Q: Do you charge extra for travel?

A: I will travel anywhere and will not charge extra for any wedding under 90 miles from where I am located. (Bronx 10462)


Q: Can appointments be arranged to meet with you and talk about our wedding?

A: I would be happy to meet with you and discuss your big day.


Q: How soon after the wedding can the bride and groom expect to see the initial images?

A: In most cases, the bride and groom can expect to see their initial images within 2 months following the wedding.


Q: Do you allow other people to take photographs while you are working?

A: For the most part, there is no problem with friends and relatives taking photographs while we are doing our work.


Q: Does your Wedding photographer have liability insurance?

A: Yes


Q: Does your photographer bring backup equipment with your wedding photography?

A: Yes


Q: Is the person you are interviewing will be the person who will do your wedding photography?

A: Yes


Q: How many years of experience in wedding photography do your wedding photographer has?

A: 15 years


My equipment

I’m always interested in discussing new and exciting ideas.